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Feline UpRoarVICE Cleveland believes that by creating a network of local organizations with pet ownership retention programs, we can connect them back to their community members and to nearby social service groups, thus increasing their impact. 


Feline UpRoar Cleveland bridges the gap between pet owners and the resources they need to keep their families together during unforeseen circumstances.


Feline UpRoar Cleveland envisions a reality where pets can stay in their homes regardless of their family’s circumstances. Our efforts decrease the number of homeless pets and lessen the strain on shelters and rescues.

Board of Trustees

President: Jennifer Truax

Vice President/Secretary: Erin Dennis

Treasurer: VACANT

While we have an interim treasurer in place at this time, we are in need of a 2020 treasurer to help us continue our mission. Please click "Join the Movement" to inquire about joining our board.

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